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    Kitchen Cabinets

    We manufacture melamine cabinets, both standard and non-standard. You can specify the colour and finish of the exposed sides to match or contrast those of the doors. The broad range maximises space utilisation and increases the design flexibility. We use only the best available quality of boards and components to improve appearance and durability. We aim to cater for those who expect nothing but the best!

    Wardrobes, Studies, Bars & Vanities

    Our cupboards are versatile and fit most domestic storage applications. The wide selection means you can get the stylish look and modern storage that`s perfect for you.


    We offer a selection of granite, marble tops and caesarstone, as well as laminated tops. These are quite versatile with endless design possibilities to suit your desire. Our ranges offer the leading products in their class to meet your needs!


    Doors are the integral appeal component to cabinetry, hence at Ockford we offer leading products in their class. Doors are available in a wide selection of styles, designs, finishes and colours. We do a range of high quality high gloss, acrylics and textures boards which offer the best in aesthetic appeal, craft and environmental performance. Our main categories are:
    - Post formed or wrapped
    - Melamine-faced doors
    - Sprayed doors in plain satin or with a paint technique finish.
    - Seno (which includes high gloss, matte and vintage finishes)

    The door choice depends largely on the style of the kitchen and the available budget.

    Door Lift Systems and Bi-fold Lift Systems

    These are convenient systems as they enables you to lift up fronts providing unhindered access to the interior of wall cabinets. Some fold up and out of the way for better access.

    At Ockford we use the most advanced and innovative technology to process our carcass and doors, which ensure a superior quality and significantly higher durability. Constructed with uncompromising quality, accuracy and strength we offer the best combination of elegance and style.

    Storage and Pull-out Accessories

    There is a wide range of easy access accessories that come along with our designs or customer choices. These blend in seamlessly with any preferred style. And they range from Blum hinges, Spice Rack pull- outs, Cutlery Divides, Waste Baskets, and Closet Rods etc. These items aids in eliminating fumbling through your cabinet to find item that you need.

    All our accessory materials are high quality brands that are Germany and Austria engineered.


    We provide handles in numerous styles, sizes, colours and material. You are spoilt for choice to match and enhance your kitchen style.


    To ensure our products stand the test of time, our hinges are the heart of good doors. Unbeatable for any range of furniture, they are innovative, reliable, untiring performers. They have convenience features such as push to open, silent or soft closing and self-closing. We use the best cabinet hardware such as concealed hinges, smooth drawer slides etc, that make the difference in the final outcome of your cabinetry. Blum hinges are the most popular style hinges of our supply.


    Ockford offers a variety of connecting fittings for use in large, medium and particularly delicate residential furniture. We also provides a complete range of connecting fittings which include cams and dowels, shelf supports, height, adjustable legs and a vast array of connectors.


    A broad range of hardware suitable for installing, maintaining or upgrading your kitchen or built-in-cupboards is available. This comprises the latest range of handles, storage accessories, worktop legs, wicker baskets, etc.